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Account types

In order to create the most comfortable conditions for trading, two types of accounts were developed on the basis of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.



The Cent StartUP account will be ideally suited for those who takes the first steps on Forex.

The StartUP account allows to open microvolume transactions from 0,001 lot. It allows beginner traders to start trade with the small initial deposit and with the minimum risk, but, respectively smaller profitability.

This type of the account is improbably practical as educational, for working off skills of trade, elaboration of own trading strategy, acquisition of skills of managing the capital (money management) in the conditions of the real market, with the real money as that is important, for education of necessary psychological skills and emotional stability.

The StartUP account is the excellent proving ground for testing of trading advisers (robots), allowing to fulfill and choose in advance all settings of the adviser on the small sums, then to choose the same settings for work with the real Standard.STP account, but already with larger sums and high profitability.

The minimum deposit makes only $10.

The opportunity to receive a Deposit bonus 50%.

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The real Standard.STP account offers ample opportunities for the trader and the investor.

A leverage of 1:500, a set of trading tools, including currencies, CFD on stocks, gold and silver.

Our banks partners provide liquidity enough for processing of transactions of any volume with high speed of execution.

The minimum starting deposit for trade on the account of Standard.STP of only 300$.

The opportunity to receive a Deposit bonus 50%.

Possibility to increase the status of the account to the Premium and the VIP level and to receive additional free services.

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At achievement of amount of money of level in 10 000$, You have an opportunity to raise the status to level Premium

And we provide you the following additional services:

  • personal manager
  • personal trader
  • individual analyst
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In a case of achievement of amount of money of $500 000, you receive even more privileges from our company:

  • an accumulative bonus to 31,83% per annum
  • personal VIP manager
  • «A green corridor» - specially allocated service VIP-line
  • Advance deposits (up to 20% of the deposit amount). Funds speedily deposited in your trading account as an interest-free loan for up to 2 weeks.
  • Attending of any Master Classes and training programs is free of charge. Profound training and special seminars are included.
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Binary Options

“Binary Options“ accounts offer you advanced trading platform to deal with binary options, which is easy and convenient to use.

Binary Options are one of the fastest growing trends of trading in secondary financial instruments. Trading binary options will not require downloading any software and have the major advantage of usual trading – you are aware of the potential profit before the transaction is made keeping your risks under full control.

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The demo the account allows to get acquainted with functionality of the trading Metatrader 4 terminal without investing the real money. The demo account has the same functionality, as the real, with one only difference that the money on it is virtual. To open an account it is enough to install the terminal and to create the virtual account from the program menu, or to fill this form.

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